If this is your birthday or anniversary, congratulations! Here are some events in country music that have happened on this date.

Dolly Parton announces she's ending her duet partnership with Porter Wagoner, in 1974.

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Willie Nelson's movie "Red Headed Stranger" premieres in Austin, in 1987. Among those attending: Morgan Fairchild, Floyd Tillman and football coach Darrell Royal.


This Is Chocolate Mint Day!

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This day, celebrates anything and everything that is chocolate mint flavored.

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The most common chocolate mint treats are ice cream, candies, and desserts. Not everyone likes chocolate mint. But those who do love it.

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Conch Valley birthdays include:

(Today 2-19)

Paxton Wolfe, 11. From the Cook family.

Dorothy Pustka, 75. From her husband, Robert, son, Doug and grandaughters, Alex and Emily.  Dorothy wins her choice of dessert today from Papa Murphys.

(Saturday 2-20)

Trent Tomerlin, 24. From the Cook family.

Kayla Makenzie, 30. From Tricia.

(Sunday 2-21)

Felise Gorsching, 59. From her husband, daughter and 5 grandchildren.

Happy Anniversary to:

(Today 2-19)

James & Samantha Payne, 1 year.

Jerry & Sheri Rychlik, 33 years.

(Saturday 2-20)

Jimmie & Eunice Machann, 62 years. From all of their family.