If this is your birthday or anniversary, congratulations!It was a tragic day on this date in 1973, when singer Pam Tillis, was injured in a car accident. Her face was shattered in more than 30 places, leading to multiple surgeries over the next five years. Years later she told The Music City News, that, "We were partying," and "We partied right up a tree".

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A nice recovery for a very "lucky" lady!

This Is National Egg Nog Day! 

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Today, celebrate this special, traditional holiday drink. It can be consumed with or without Rum.

Egg Nog, usually appears in stores just before Thanksgiving, then consumption takes a break until the December holidays are in full swing. By the New Year, it's no longer available, so enjoy it  while you can.

Egg Nog is loaded with stuff that tastes really good, but keep in mind, It's loaded with stuff that's not good for you. However, fans of this drink will tell you " it's delicious".

Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y!

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Concho Valley birthdays include:
Savannah Smith-20/Happy Birthday from your Mom!
Congratulations to Savannah, she won a delicious dessert from Papa Murphys!

Congratulations to Brenda & Burton Berry! They celebrated their 24th Wedding Anniversary this week and they Won a Dozen Roses from Southwest Florists!

If you're celebrating today, we hope it's a Great Day For You!