SWAT team enters suspect house in Big Lake. Report courtesy of the Big Lake Wildcat.

Officers are reporting one subject in custody at this time after SWAT officers used an armored personnel carrier for cover as they approached a residence on North Main in Big Lake.

Concussion grenades were denotated as they prepared to enter the house where a man identified as Marcus "Mark" Madison was holed up. Madison is suspected in the shooting death yesterday of RCSO deputy Josh Mitchell was believed to be holed up.

Tactical officers entered the rear of the home at about 11:15 am. Once inside they reportedly found Madison hiding in a closet. Tear gas was deployed inside the house.

 A standoff with a shooting suspect continued through the night and into the morning on North Main Street in Big Lake.

RCSO officers, DPS, SWAT teams from Lubbock, Midland and offices from around the area continue to maintain a perimeter around a residence where they believe the suspect is holed up. He is the individual suspected in the shooting and death of RCSO deputy Josh Mitchell.