Creative festival games, a cake walk with homemade baked treats, chicken fajitas cooked on a barbecue pit and live entertainment are just a few of the family friendly activities that Baptist Retirement Community will offer to those who attend the annual Fall Festival this Saturday from 10-1, and it's FREE!
Residents and staff members at Baptist Retirement Community have teamed up to plan the games and prizes and to provide baked goodies for the cake walk. Some volunteers like, Darrell Lemons, the materials management director at Baptist Retirement Community, and Wanda Dews, a resident at Baptist Retirement Community, have been helping out since the very first festival six years ago. Everyone looks forward to this event, as it provides a great opportunity to get to know people in the community, socialize with them and show them what active senior living is all about. This year’s festival will be held this Saturday from 10-1. The event is family friendly, free and open to the public.

“At this year’s Fall Festival I’ll be preparing chicken fajitas for approximately 300 people,” said Lemons. “I really take pleasure in cooking for others. It makes me feel good when I see people enjoying the food that I have prepared. Some of the residents get a kick out of how much I love cooking, so they volunteer to help me. I really encourage the public to come out to see everything we have to offer. People will have the opportunity to tour the campus, get a free health screening, see fitness demonstrations and get a free meal cooked by me.”

Baptist Retirement Community will provide chips, salsa, fruit and beverages in addition to the chicken fajitas. The Fall Festival will also have many different games for children, families and residents to participate in, such as basketball toss, horse shoes, ring toss, a duck pond game and a cake walk. The games are put on by different divisions, staff members and residents within the community, so there is a unique variety. Baptist Retirement Community has scheduled a fun assortment of entertainment options, including live music performances and face painting, for attendees to enjoy as well.

“Every year, I sign up to paint the children’s faces with fun pictures and shapes,” said Dews. “I do not have a background in face painting, but I try to make the pictures as cute as I can. The little girls have the cutest expressions when they look in the mirror to see the heart, flower, butterfly or rainbow I just painted on their faces. It certainly is a day of enjoyment for all ages. I think the festival does a great job of catering to all kinds of interests.”

Both Lemons and Dews believe that the festival is a great opportunity for people in San Angelo to come out to Baptist Retirement Community and get better acquainted with the campus, its services and the residents who live there. They also encourage other residents to come and participate, because it is a great time to get to know their neighbors and learn more about all the different amenities the community offers.

“The community is buzzing with anticipation of this year’s festival,” said Quinda Feil-Duncan, executive director at Baptist Retirement Community. “The residents and staff put a lot of thought into the games, prizes, food and entertainment. It is wonderful seeing everyone come together to put on such a fun, family friendly event. “