We'll take a look at the names of our listeners who are celebrating here on August 9th, in a bit.  First though, this is the perfect day to sit back, relax and R E A D!!

flickr - from Dark Dwarf

It's National Book Lovers Day.

You are encouraged to find a shady place to relax, on this hot summer day,  with a good book.  There's not a better hobby, than book reading.  It can be important too.  Employers check for it on resumes.  Book reading is relaxing, informative and educational making for a smarter and happier you.

This day in age, E-books (electronic books) are getting to be very popular.  So today,  load up an e-book on your computer, or portable book device, such as a Reader, Kindle or Nook and read the day away.

Search for a quiet cozy place to enjoy your read.  You might try out on the deck, in a hammock, under a shade tree or even poolside.  If you go to sleep while reading, don't sweat it.  That's just another benefit of being a book lover.

No birthdays to report.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Cody & Marissa Templeton, 11 years.