Alex Smith's driving "Load It Up" captures a perfectly wild night with friends and girls you hope will become friends. The Louisiana born-and-raised singer delivers a party jam that's not too progressive for the radio.

Guitars and Smith's aggressive energy are at the core of this song from his Fear of Missing Out EP. It's a drinking song, yet somehow it comes across as much more. "Load It Up" is almost the story of young adulthood, a time when what happens after midnight on the weekend seems much more important than anything that happens during the week.

Or maybe it's just a drinking song. Still, few will fail to make a connection between Smith's single and some part of their life. We've all had a few wild years. "Load It Up" celebrates those carefree, almost dangerous impulses.

Did You Know?: Smith was a touted baseball player in high school, but chose to pursue country music instead.

Listen to Alex Smith, "Load It Up" 

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Alex Smith's "Load It Up" Lyrics:

"It’s the start of the weekend / Go get all dressed up say goodbye to the week with the plastic cup / We’re gonna go out and stay out until the sun comes back around / We’ll worry about tomorrow when it rolls around / Because we’re living in the moment and the moment’s now / Come on boys, no we don’t wanna miss out."

"Load it up, load it up / Yeah we’ll ride around, ride around / Come on y’all it’s time we hit the town / Load it up, load it up / Yeah we’ll show ‘em how, show ‘em how / Just how southern boys and girls we like to get down."

"Overpriced bar but here we are again / We’ve got high heels and short skirts (?) again / If I see one I like I go up and buy her a drink / Pretty little girl standing next to me / Has a birthday pin on, I hope her gift is me / I’ll buy her another round and tell her it’s on me, girl it’s on me."

"Load it up, load it up / Baby we’ll shoot it down, shoot it down / Come on, come on girl once we (?) Load it up, load it up / Baby we’ll shoot it down, shoot it down / Come on, come on girl won’t you go for one more round."

"We won’t leave ‘till they kick us out / And the lights come on and we’re falling down / We’ll go to the next bar and we’ll tell them to …"