The Texas A&M  Agrilife Extension Service's "Backyard Basics" Series continues on Tuesday, June 16th with "Aquaponics".

The Backyard Basics Series can help you to grown your own food. This series will help you learn about small scale, urban production. You'll be able to feed your family fresh, homegrown food.

Dr. Todd Sink, Fisheries Specialist will be the instructor for the Aquaponics class. Aquaponic production is a system of food production similar to hydroponics, but also involves fish production. Fish provide nutrients for plant growth, and the plants help keep the water clean for the fish. You'll learn how to start your own small home system.

Cost is $20.00 per person, and you will need to RSVP by calling 659-6522. The seminar will be at the 4-H Center at 3168 N. US 87, next to the Animal Shelter.

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