Aaron Watson's "Bluebonnets" is a timeless ballad that stings the heart. The singer’s personal, yet somehow accessible story is nothing short of brilliant. It’s Watson’s masterpiece.

The second verse of "Bluebonnets" tells the story of Watson's late daughter, Julia, and is the definition of bittersweet. Holding her story is what allows the song to make an impact. An equally honest first verse about his grandparents is more universal, serving as an introduction to a singer most are still learning about for the first time. Because we laugh and cry hardest with people we know best, the words that follow draw heavy emotions.

No one else could sing "Bluebonnets" and match Watson’s fragile combination of sadness, love, faith and acceptance. The acoustic story surely helped him come to terms with Julia's death, but it’s really a gift to his fans and anyone who learns about the Texan for the very first time through this song. It’s a gift that needs to be shared.

Find "Bluebonnets" on Watson's The Underdog album, which made Taste of Country's list of the 10 Best Albums of 2015.

Did You Know?: Watson's daughter Julia Grace died of Trisomy 18 shortly after her birth in 2011.

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10 Best Albums of 2015

Aaron Watson, "Bluebonnets" Lyrics:

“In another time and place / Grandma would kiss my face / Wish I could go back there again / I'd climb up in my Grandpa's lap / I'd lay down and take a nap / That old man and me were best friends.”

"And one day I turned around / Leaves are fallin', fallin' down / Those fields were bare and brown and they were gone, long gone."

“Like bluebonnets in the spring / We're only here for a little while / It's beautiful and bittersweet / So make the most of every mile / So pack light and love heavy / Give it all your heart and soul, so in the end / You won't regret one thing / Life is like bluebonnets in the spring.”

“There's so much I can't explain / Such as gravity and pain / Still I remain, blindfolded and full of faith / I kissed my angel girl goodbye / Still can't help but wonder why / But I believe I'll see her again someday / So, hold 'em tender, hold 'em tight / Pray every mornin', day, and night / That God will help you raise them right / And don't you blink, don't blink ‘cause …"

“Life can be filled full of sorrow / Time is something you can't borrow / So love like there's no tomorrow / Because today could be the day.”