With the holidays around the corner, more than likely you'll be doing some travelling. And, if you live in Texas, you know that means several hours on the road. Here are 9 tips we've complied to ensure you get to your holiday safely and comfortably. No one wants to miss that piping hot turkey and dressing dinner.

  1. Check your tires and oil and fluids before starting long trips
  2. Map your trip in advance and be prepared for busy roads. If possible, navigate your trip as to avoid heavy traffic times.
  3. Keep a cell phone and charger with you at all times in case of emergency.

Winter Weather:

  1. Have an "Emergency Bag" stocked with a flashlight, extra batteries, windshield scraper, first aid kit, kitty litter (for icy/snowy conditions), and a blanket.
  2. Always carry booster cables
  3. Keep a large bottle of fresh water (can be used for drinking, or if vehicle overheats)

General Travel Tips:

  1. If you have kids along for the ride, be sure to pack enough games, toys, snacks, and drinks to keep everyone happy.
  2. Use you GPS navigation (on your phone or separate device) to help avoid getting lost and unnecessarily extending your trip.
  3. Last but not least, be a defensive driver! Always travel safely, and be aware of your surrounding.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and be safe!