The San Angelo Claybird Association was a busy place with lots of shooters coming out to participate in the 7th Frank Caraway Sporting Clays Classic! All proceeds benefit the West Texas Rehabilitation Center!

Ok, who's turn is it?

Ready, aim...pull!

Yep, got both of them!

Off to the next station!

Thanks to all the volunteers from Goodfellow who did a great job!

Wow! Did you see that shot?

Wanna Win a New Polaris Ranger?

Here, let me help you with that before we head out to shoot.

There's lots of great items on the silent auction table!

It's almost time to enjoy a delicious lunch from Kenny Blanek's Catering Crew!

Boomer would like to Thank Dee, Mark, & Justin for their hospitality! Thanks to all the shooters who came out to make this a great fundraising event!