What is better than one shih tzu? Two Shuh Tzus for the price of one! My name is Sosumi and my brother Markie and I are looking for a home.
We have lots of love to give and need someone special to give it to. This has been a rough year for us, but things are definitely looking up. We were on the streets for a while, but finally someone from the neighborhood gained our trust and took us in. They searched for our original family, but they couldn't find them. We don't know what happened, but we were on our own. Now, we’re staying with a really cool foster mom who is giving us the basics in training.



We went to the groomer and got new haircuts - short and sassy for the summer. We went to the veterinarian for vaccinations, we were also "fixed" so we can't have puppies, which that is a good thing. We want to be treated like babies, not have them. My brother and I are super bonded so the people who are helping us at Concho Valley PAWS found someone special to underwrite our veterinary expenses so we can go together for one adoption fee. Isn't that awesome?
So, if you have room in your heart for two, we want to meet you. You'll get double the love, double the devotion and double the Shih Tzu. Adopt Now! Go online or call 653-8056 for more details!
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